Currently hiring:

Year-Round Bookseller (Weekends)

Job Requirements: Potential candidates must be 18+ years old and have register + cash handling experience. Candidates must have basic computer, Microsoft Word, and internet skills. Candidates must feel comfortable working by themselves.

Required Availability:
We are currently seeking a year-round bookseller who can work Saturday and Sundays throughout the year. Availability Monday through Friday is not required but weekday shifts may become available at times throughout the winter if bookseller wants more hours. This position can easily transition into a more full-time position during the summer, with 4-5 shifts available per week if desired. This position is designed to easily accommodate another work or school schedule.

Job Description: Weekend booksellers will assist customers in finding books they are looking for, both in the store and finding information to special order titles. Weekend booksellers will help shelve books, keep the store tidy, rearrange displays, ensure books are properly placed, provide customer service, answer the phones, etc. Booksellers will be taught to open and close the store (super easy, we promise!) and will be required to do this by themselves once trained.

We ask that candidates have a passion for reading and books, are open-minded, friendly, and can work well with others.

Information on Summer 2019 employment will be posted here in early 2019.

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Happy reading!