Shipwrecks, Sea Stories, & Legends of the Delaware Coast


Shipwrecks, Sea Stories, & Legends of the Delaware Coast


Shipwrecks, Sea Stories, & Legends of the Delaware Coast
By: David J. Seibold & Charles J. Adams

*Signed by David J. Seibold*

When it coems to raising the hair on the back of your neck, bringing on a bad case of the goosebumps, and keeping you up just a little longer at night, nobody does it better than EXETER HOUSE BOOKS, publisher of fine books on folklore, adventure, legends, the supernatural, and real-life drama in the Mid-Atlantic States.

Includes the following stories:
A Treasure Wreck Wreck of the Faithful Steward - September, 1785
The Wreck of the John Namesake of the Ship John Shoal Light - Winter, 1787
Of Witches and Ghosts The Legendary Wreck of the deBraak - May 25, 1798
Vanished! The Wreck of the Juno - October 27, 1802
The Life-Savers
Mistaken Identity
A Deadly Collision at Sea - January 7, 1877
Death Under the Stars The Champion Goes Down - November 8, 1879
Harbor of Horror The Deadly Blizzard of '88 - March 1888
The Tempest Returns The Storm of November 19, 1888
The Gales of September Disaster at Lewes - September, 1889
The China Wreck - March 12, 1891
Faces in the Water Death on the Isaac T. Campbell - August 25, 1908
Death of the Ghost Wreck of the Adeline Townsend - January 12, 1909
Go to the Light The Sinking of the City of Georgetown - February 3, 1913
Collision of the Titans A Fatal Attraction of Sail and Steam - January 26, 1915
The Blue Collar Wrecks Barges 6 and 9 Sink in Storm - April 3, 1915
A Deadly Rescue - March 4, 1917
The Tugboat Tragedy - February 26, 1918
U-Boats in the Bay World War I Comes to Delaware
Fire on the Water The Wrecks of the Mohawk and Lenape - January and November, 1925
...We Interrupt This Program For an S.O.S A Shipwreck Interferes with Radio - January 24, 1926
The Fall of the Lighthouse ... and Other Tales from 1926
War Along the Shore January, 1942
Down With His Ship The Wreck of the Gypsum Prince - March 4, 1942
The Death of The China Arrow - February 5, 1942
Beached at Rehoboth The Wreck of Thomas Tracy - September 14, 1944
Explosion in the Canal The F.L. Hayes Incident - May 15, 1952
The Carnage Continues Ten Dead in Barge-Tanker Collision - May 25, 1952

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