Bethany Beach Memoirs *Signed


Bethany Beach Memoirs *Signed


Bethany Beach Memoirs
By: James Meehan

*Signed by author, James Meehan*


In the 1980s, a group representing the Christian Church decided to locate a summer campground on the Delmarva Peninsula. Eventually, they decided on an area that was to become Bethany Beach, Delaware. After a rocky beginning, they built a community that is still known as one of the finest family resorts on the entire east coast.

The superb collection of photos in this book details the progress of this resort: the beginning days...the peaceful 20s and 30s, when life was "a day at the beach"...the nervous war years...the growth years following the building of the Chesapeake Bay the present day.

On these pages, you'll see the horse-drawn bus that took visitors the final leg of a long and arduous journey, the boats and canals they traveled, the early homes and hotels, turn-of-the-century beach fashions, horse-drawn buggies on the beach, the famous tabernacle, the horse patrols in World War II, the tremendous damage from the storm of 1962 and other storms (including 1998), and many other visual reminders of a glorious past.

Over 250 photos come to life to depict the story of Bethany Beach...a story that, until now, has never been told in such vivid detail...or with such visual and verbal accuracy.

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