Independent Author Program Fee


Independent Author Program Fee


Thank you for agreeing to our Independent Author Program terms. We look forward to working with you and getting your book in our store! We have listed our program terms and important information below as a reminder.

Please note that you will receive an email confirming the $35 charge when the purchase has been completed. If you do not receive an email confirming the charge, you have not paid the consignment fee. Please leave quantity at 1.

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Independent Author Program terms

  • We are committed to supporting local authors and our local community. Books from outside our community can not always be accepted if we feel we cannot sell them successfully. You must receive confirmation that we will carry your book before shipping or delivering any copies to us.
  • Our Independent Author program is labor-intensive: setting up paper records, tracking sales, and managing the inventory must be done individually and by hand. All books occupy valuable space on our shelves, which is limited. Authors should understand that there are expenses associated with simply making their book(s) available in our store whether they sell or not. We have a one-time program fee to help offset these labor costs. The non-refundable one-time fee is $35.00 per title for all Independent Author agreements.
  • Our pricing terms are 50/50
  • We pay quarterly for book sales at the end of the month following the regular Accounting Quarter. Payments for sales are mailed by the end of April, July, October, and January.
  • A program coordinator will be in contact with you to confirm the number of copies which should be brought/mailed to the store. If you are scheduled for an author signing event, you will be asked to bring additional books to sell during your event. Books sold at such an event will be added to our inventory for payment on the quarterly schedule described above.
  • We review sales performance every three to six months. If, after a minimum three-month trial, we feel sales are too low, the agreement will be terminated and you will be asked to pick up any remaining books. Books will be held for one month after termination notification. If the consignor fails to respond at the end of a month, books will be donated to appropriate community service outreach organizations.
  • It is the author’s responsibility to notify us of any changes in contact information. It is also the author’s responsibility to check with us about inventory status and to deliver new inventory as needed.
  • We ask that author's promote the availability of their book at Bethany Beach Books on their social media platforms and events.



Steps to our Independent Author Program

1. Read & familiarize yourself with our program and terms below

2. Ensure your book meets our guidelines

3. Fill out the Independent Author Program form below

4. Receive confirmation & acceptance email to program

You will receive acceptance via email. The confirmation email will include how many books should be dropped off or mailed to the store + instructions for payment. Do not mail or drop off any books until you receive this confirmation.

5. Upon acceptance to program, follow the email instructions to pay your one-time program fee *you are doing this now, yay!*

6. Drop off or mail requested number of books
Books can be mailed to:
Bethany Beach Books
Attn: Consignment Program
99 Garfield Parkway
PO Box 904
Bethany Beach, DE 19930

7. Tell all your friends, family, hair dressers, baristas, and humans that your book is at Bethany Beach Books

8. Contact the store periodically to check inventory stock