We have compiled this list of children's books to help promote diversity in children's literature. We hope this helps teachers, parents, and book-lovers everywhere get more diverse books into the hands of little readers more easily.

Please know that we have tried to encompass books with characters or written by authors from a variety of backgrounds. We have also tried to include books with characters who are dealing with one of the many real-life situations that children and teens face today (gender identity, suicide, divorced parents, etc.).

Please also know that we are aware that we have only included the smallest, tiniest bit of the iceberg that make up diverse children's books and we in no way have tried to exclude any one group or group(s). We are constantly adding books and striving to create a well-curated selection of diverse books. We know this list will never be complete and this will always be an on-going project.

If you notice that we are lacking books dealing with a specific diverse topic or culture or perhaps we are missing a diverse book that you absolutely love, please feel free to send us a suggestion below so we can continue to provide a well-rounded selection of diverse children's books.

Thank you & happy reading!

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