I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain


I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain


I Felt a Funeral, in My Brain

Will Walton

Publication Date: 05/26/2018
Themes: LGBTQ+, Multigenerational, Death & Grieving, Alcoholism
Age: 14+ years old
Pages: 304 pages

How do you deal with a hole in your life?

Do you grieve?

Do you drink?

Do you make out with your best friend?

Do you turn to poets and pop songs?

Do you question everything?

Do you lash out?

Do you turn the lashing inward?

If you're Avery, you do all of these things. And you write it all down in an attempt to understand what's happened -- and is happening -- to you.

I Felt a Funeral, In My Brain is an astonishing novel about navigating death and navigating life, at a time when the only map you have is the one you can draw for yourself.



"I FELT A FUNERAL, IN MY BRAIN is a work of stunning, heart-wrenching brilliance. This novel reached inside me, pulled out my heart, and punched it square in its stomach. It is like nothing I've ever read, and I mean that in the best imaginable way." -- Andrew Smith, author of Grasshopper Jungle

"This novel is a work of art.

I haven't read anything remotely like it in my life.

There are little holes in my heart from reading this book--truth shot through.

Will Walton has written a singular story about loss, pain, love, and poetry that will stay with me for a long time.

Will Walton walks us through a minefield of addiction and coming of age like no one has before.

Your phone is ringing. It's me, A.S. King. I'm calling to tell you to read this book right now. If you don't pick up, it's okay because I'll plaster your entire house with bumper stickers that say I FELT A FUNERAL, IN MY BRAIN." -- A.S. King, author of I Crawl Through It

"An extarordinary feat
of poetry and storytelling
that cuts straight to the heart
of grief, loss, and writing
your way through.
You have never, truly, read anything like this before." --David Levithan, PUSH editor and author of Every Day

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