Skating with the Statue of Liberty (#2 Black Radishes Series)


Skating with the Statue of Liberty (#2 Black Radishes Series)


Black Radishes

Susan Lynn Meyer

Publication Date: 04/12/2016
Themes: Refugees, WWII, Race, Jewish, NYC
Age: 8-12 years old


In this gripping and poignant companion to Sydney Taylor Honor Award winner Black Radishes, Gustave faces racism and anti-Semitism in New York City during World War II, but ultimately finds friendship and hope.

It is January 1942, and Gustave, a twelve-year-old Jewish boy, has made it to America at last. After escaping with his family from Nazi-occupied France, after traveling through Spain and Portugal and across the Atlantic Ocean, he no longer has to worry about being captured by the Germans. But life is not easy in America, either.

Gustave feels out of place in New York. His clothes are all wrong, he can barely speak English, and he is worried about his best friend, Marcel, who is in grave danger back in France. Then there is September Rose, the most interesting girl in school, who for some reason doesn’t seem to want to be friends with him. Gustave is starting to notice that not everyone in America is treated equally, and his new country isn’t everything he’d expected. But he isn’t giving up.

Skating with the Statue of Liberty, the brilliant companion to Susan Lynn Meyer’s debut novel, Black Radishes, was inspired by her father’s stories about his first months in America. It is a gripping look at one boy’s life that is at once honest and hopeful.




About the Author

SUSAN LYNN MEYER is the author of Black Radishes and, its companion, Skating with the Statue of Liberty. Meyer grew up in the United States, where her father, along with his sister and mother, found refuge after escaping Nazi-occupied France in 1942. Both books were inspired by stories she heard growing up. Black Radishes was Susan's debut novel and is based on Meyer's father's years in Saint-Georges and his family's eventual escape to America. It won a Sydney Taylor Honor Award and was named a Massachusetts Book Award finalist and a Bank Street College of Education Best Book of the Year. She lives with her family in Massachusetts and teaches literature and creative writing at Wellesley College. 
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