Lola Reads to Leo


Lola Reads to Leo


Lola Reads to Leo

Anna McQuinn (Author)
Rosalind Beardshaw (Illustrator)

Publication Date: 02/01/2012
Themes: Books, Multicultural, Family-Life
Age: 2-5 years old
Pages: 24 Pages


We all know how much Lola loves books. In this third book in the Lola series (LOLA AT THE LIBRARY and LOLA LOVES STORIES), Lola has a new baby brother and she can’t wait to share her love of reading with him. Lola gets ready for little Leo’s arrival by reading books about brothers and sisters and picking out the perfect stories that she just knows her little brother will love. Even when her mom’s tummy gets "bigger and bigger," and even when she’s tired, Mom makes sure there is time for Lola and her stories. When the baby is finally here, Lola takes on the role of big sister—she helps her mommy and daddy around the house and tells Leo stories to cheer him up when he cries. LOLA READS TO LEO proves that it’s never too early to become a reader! 


Reviews from other readers:

"This is the perfect book for families with a child and expecting another child or where there is a younger/baby sibling in the family.

I have really liked at least two other Lola books but this one might be my favorite so far. Lola has a loving mother and father and she gets a bedtime story every night. Starting with Lola’s mommy’s pregnancy, Lola starts planning for and giving books to the new baby. When Lola’s brother Leo is born she reads to him and tries to help in other ways. The whole family is busy with Leo but not too busy for Lola’s bedtime story. This is a sweet story about family love. I like that both parents are involved in both children’s care. I love how Lola picks out books to fit the occasion, trying to help Leo feel better when he cries.

I love the illustrations. I was thrilled to see a picture of Leo nursing. “It turns out he is just hungry. Lola holds her best bear story while Mommy feeds him. She and Mommy read it together.” It is obvious that Lola is still a very young child. As Leo gets his diaper changed, Lola is sitting on a potty chair, and reading “him her best potty book.” It’s so cute. 

Family love. Book and reading love. Wonderful!

Highly recommended for 2 to 6 year olds who are older siblings, and some older children too. This is designed as a read aloud book but will also be enjoyed by young independent readers.

Now, the only negative, as I see it, is that it’s ALL positive. Lola seems to feel absolutely no jealousy and doesn’t seem to have any ambivalent feelings about her new baby brother and her new place in the family. But I guess not every single book with this theme has to address these aspects. There are plenty of books about new babies in the family. I would suggest this be paired with a book that shows the child/children having a wider range of feelings. Kids read this book and no other might think any negative feelings they have are aberrant. With that caveat, this is now on my list of books to give as gifts to children about to be big sisters/big brothers." -Lisa Vegan, GoodReads


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