Lola at the Library


Lola at the Library


Lola at the Library

Anna McQuinn

Publication Date: 06/01/2006
Themes: Books & Libraries, Multicultural, Family-Life
Age: 2-5 years old


Lola has a big smile on her face. Why? Because it's Tuesday--and on Tuesdays, Lola and her mommy go to the library. Join Lola in this cozy celebration of books and the people who love them.


Reviews from other readers:

"It is often a challenge to find children's books with black characters that aren't overwhelmed with historical narratives or self-affirming gobbly-gook (be like Harriet Tubman! You're special! No really!) The little touches make this book unique and lovely: Lola's soft cloud of unraveled hair when she wakes up, the way she kneels on the floor during story time at the library, or how her mom spoons a little cappuccino foam in her mouth during their snack-time. I read this book to my daughter almost every day!" -Qiana, on GoodReads

"I love this book. I am biracial, and I wish I had had books like this as a child. But I love getting books with diverse characters for my 2 year old multiracial daughter. This one is great because it has nothing to do with race -- it is just a black child going to the library and enjoying her books. My daughter and I both love it." -M. Dobbs, Astoria, New York


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