Booking an author event
Summer 2018

Thank you for your interest in scheduling an author event with Bethany Beach Books. We support our community and authors through our events program and we take pride in helping authors promote their work. We host over 100 events each year between Memorial Day and Labor Day!

If you're interested in scheduling an author event with Bethany Beach Books, please review the terms and fill out the form below and our event coordinator will be in touch. Thank you!


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Bethany Beach Books Event Terms

  • We host our author events between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend each year
  • Events are typically scheduled for 6:30pm Sunday-Friday. Alternate timing can be prearranged on an event-by-event basis but this is subject to availability and approval of our event coordinator
  • Our events are casual meet-and-greet events as we find this suits our customer base best and has proven to be most successful
  • Hosted authors are required to advertise their event with Bethany Beach Books on their website, blog, social media outlets, etc.
  • Promotion of purchasing on Amazon or other competitive big-box retailers are not tolerated during the event at Bethany Beach Books
  • Independent authors who do not already have an active Independent Author contact with BBB may fill out the program application here if their book is not available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor or another distributor or publisher
  • Please be aware that our town is very weather-dependent during the summer months and poor weather is (sadly) out of our control. Weather can effect foot traffic throughout the town.

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