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Do you think your book or a book/author you're representing would be a great fit for one of our Book Drop boxes?

Please review our four different boxes before submitting a book. We are looking for fantastic books that are hidden gems!
Anyone can buy a book from the bestseller's list but finding a truly amazing book that hasn't hit the spotlight yet is a special talent.

If the book is in paperback,
available through a major publisher/distributor,
and has been published in the USA,

please fill out the form below & we will consider your book for Book Drop!


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Jane: Historical & Contemporary Fiction with a little sprinkling of literary fiction. Great picks for book clubs!
Ernest: Our more adventurous box featuring thrillers, mysteries, and a little bit of non-fiction.
YA: Great reads for readers with a maturity level of age 14-15+
Children 8-12: Great reads for readers reading middle grade books
Please give us 1-2 paragraphs about the book. This can be the blurb on the back of the book.
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