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P.J. O'Dwyer

  • Bethany Beach Books 99 Garfield Pkwy Bethany Beach, DE, 19930 United States (map)

Meet P.J. O'Dwyer, author of the Fallon Sisters Trilogy, and the Hunter's Moon series.

Relentless (#1 in the Fallon Sisters Trilogy)

Headstrong horse rescue director Bren Ryan has been a red-headed streak of trouble for more than one man in Clear Spring. She’s grown up needling local “kill buyer” Wes Connelly, and since the sheriff ruled her husband’s sudden death an accident, Bren’s been investigating things herself. She’s certain Tom was murdered, and she’s hell-bent on cornering his killer the only way she knows how—by tempting him to do it again. And she’s the bait.

Rafe Langston came to Maryland looking for land and a fresh start. Or so he says. The sexy cowboy isn’t generous with details, but Bren couldn’t care less—until he buys half her farm at auction and moves into her childhood home. Suddenly, the last man she should befriend becomes her only ally in solving her husband’s murder.

Soon their cozy stakeouts sizzle with unexpected desire neither one can ignore, threatening his mysterious plans and her promise to never fall in love again—especially with a handsome stranger whose secrets could shatter what family she has left.

Defiant (#2)

When love turns deadly, the beloved play dead.

Western Maryland farm girl Kate Fallon wanted more than horse pastures. Now a trial lawyer in the affluent Annapolis law arena and married to multi-millionaire Jack Reynolds, also the U.S. Attorney of Maryland, she s got it all at least everyone thinks so.

Behind closed doors, Jack is as cruel as he is intelligent, as controlling as he is handsome. When his tirades turn physical, Kate must fight for her life. But her efforts to leave him will take her down a rabbit hole to secrets she doesn t fully understand, and that Jack will kill to suppress.

Two years later, Kate s keeping secrets of her own. Living as Charlie Robertson, a take-no-lip general contractor, she s secure most days knowing her nightmare is right where she left him two thousand miles due east under FBI scrutiny. Wielding a nail gun instead of a briefcase suits her, as does the small mining town of Creede, Colorado. With its scenic views and open spaces, life is simple and so are her rules: Lock all doors, check for signs she s been followed, and don t get involved romantically ever again.

Unfortunately, retired Navy SEAL and tourist Nick Foster didn t get the memo. Mysterious, sexy, and powerfully attracted to Charlie, Nick typically likes things easy. Only easy isn't in Charlie's vocabulary, and neither is trust. Worst part is, she s right not to trust him, and yet he can t help falling for her. But love won t save either one of them if she discovers his true identity or doesn t give him what he came for. His boss won't tolerate failure.

Forsaken (#3)

Dani Flynn has gotten herself involved in more than just an Irish pimp’s secret escort service on the docks of Rosslare Harbour in Ireland. Now she’s running for her life. And the sparkling shores of freedom aren’t enough to keep her past from catching up with her. Especially since blending in and keeping a low profile proves difficult when Mr. Law and Order, in the form of a gorgeous American sheriff, is doing his best to unearth her past.

Kevin Bendix knows a liar when he sees one. He’s trained to recognize deception as the sheriff of Washington County. Only Dani Flynn isn’t your average law breaker. She’s female and all of about five foot two with a face of an angel and a body of a sinner. He’ll get to the truth. It’s his job. But in the end, it could cost him more than his quiet way of life. It’s not only his heart she’ll steal. Loving this woman could cost them both their lives.

About P.J.

Born in Washington, D.C., and the oldest of five children, P.J. O’Dwyer was labeled the storyteller of the family and often accused of embellishing the truth. Her excuse? It made for a more interesting story. The proof was the laughter she received following her version of events.

After graduating high school, the faint urgings of her imaginative voice that said “you should write” were ignored. She opted to travel the world instead. Landing a job in the affluent business district of Bethesda, Maryland, as a travel counselor, she traveled frequently to such places as Hawaii, Bahamas, Paris, New Orleans, the Alaskan Inland Passsage, and the Caribbean Islands.

Today, P.J. lives in western Howard County, Maryland, with her husband Mark, teenage daughter Katie, and their cat Scoot and German Shepherd FeFe in a farmhouse they built in 1998.

P.J.’s learning it takes a village to create a writer and relieved to know she’s not in this alone. She’s an active member of Romance Writers of America. Also participates in a critique group, which has been an invaluable experience with many friendships made and an abundance of helpful praise, and, yes, criticism. But it’s all good. Improving her craft is an ongoing process. She reads her favorite authors in her genre, such as Karen Robards, Sandra Brown, and Karen Rose to name a few.

While creating that next complex character or never-saw-it-coming plot twist is thrilling, P. J. finds teaching the craft as an adjunct college professor the most rewarding. She’s always eager to share her journey in the publishing world in hopes of inspiring her students to realize their own dreams of becoming a published author.

Writing is a passion that runs a close second to her family. When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, fits in her daily run with her husband Mark, and tries heroically to keep up with her daughter Katie’s social life. Who knew how demanding the life of a teenager could be, especially for Mom?

When asked where she gets her ideas for her stories, she laughs ruefully and says, “It helps being married to a cop.” Actually, she admits, “Every day I find a wealth of possible stories and plots in the most unsuspecting place—my daily life.”

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