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Faye Green

  • Bethany Beach Books 99 Garfield Parkway Bethany Beach, DE 19930 (map)

Meet Faye Green, author of Dicey and her newest, Gertie.


Divorce - a horrid seven letter word in 1914?. Gertie MacGregor, became the first and only divorced woman in Laurel, Maryland. At seventeen and in love with Edward Neal, her world was roses and sunshine. She hoped Edward would see the world as she did, but after three years, her blinders were removed. Edward's deep seeded anger ruled him. He shattered her arm and the marriage. Society expected her to make the best of it and keep the marriage vows. She chose divorce.
Rejection -
Words of condemnation rolled off tongues at Gertie like hot bullets when she was removed as soloist of the church choir. Gazes were averted as she met friends and neighbors. She was denied help in a time of need, and lost her job when she stayed home to care for her sick child. Her chosen path was not accepted in small town America in the early 1900?s. She was ostracized and the pitfalls were many as she struggled to raise her son alone. Gertie filled her life by serving veterans at nearby Ft. Meade, through WWI and WWII. She developed USO clubs and sat at the bedsides of wounded heroes. WWII changed women's place in the world. They became part of the work force and raised children alone. Eleanor Roosevelt officially recognized Gertie's service. She was redeemed her in the eyes of her community. Jesse Morgan partnered her in service to veterans and brought love back into her life. The beautiful winding staircase in Jesse's home was symbolic of her small steps to some distant height. They walked in perfect accord up the stairs to their future.
Courage - Gertie walked through life, poignantly meeting the fears and hardships of war, the devastation of loss and hatred, and the joys and sorrows of love with the grace of heroes.


About Faye

After careers in the Prince Georges County School System (Maryland) and the Department of Defense, Faye Green concentrates on her literary career, writing poetry, novels, short stories and non-fiction. Her books reach out to women who are willing to search their innermost selves to find strength, direction, and answers for their futures, which lie one day ahead. Previous titles by Ms Green include Boy on the Wall (2012) and Dicey (2013). Ms. Green was born in Laurel, MD, lived in Oriental, NC and now resides in Middletown, DE. the regional flavors of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Coast are features in her books.

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