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Civil War Discussion with Authors Tom Ryan & Michael Morgan

Civil War Discussion 2013

Civil War Discussion 2013


Come hear authors Tom Ryan and Michael Morgan discuss what they know about the Civil War in Delaware. Tom Ryan, author of "Essays on Delaware During the Civil War," and Michael Morgan, author of "Civil War Delaware" are both extremely knowledgeable about what happened in our First State during the Civil War.

Tom Ryan and Michael Morgan will both lead their own discussion/talk. After the short lectures, there will be a Q&A segment, followed by a book signing with both authors.

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See below for more information about Tom, Mike, and their books!


Tom Ryan & Essays on Delaware During the Civil War

Tom Ryan is the former president of the Central Delaware Civil War Round Table in Dover, and a member of the Civil War Trust, Gettysburg Foundation, Delaware Historical Society, and Fort Delaware Society, He has a BA from the University of Maryland and an MA from American University. He has published numerous articles and book reviews about the Civil War in newspapers and magazines.

He writes a column for the local Coastal Point newspaper called “Civil War Profiles.” His book “Essays on Delaware during the Civil War” is a collection of these articles. Another book titled “Spies, Scouts, and Secrets in the Gettysburg Campaign” is scheduled for publication by Savas Beatie in June 2014.

He served three years in the United States Army and thirty-five years as a civilian with the U.S. Department of Defense. Now retired, he and his wife live in Bethany Beach.

Essays on Delaware During the Civil War --
"This collection of articles addresses the lives and experiences of Delawareans during the mid-nineteenth century in general and the Civil War in particular. It examines the subject matter from three perspectives, political, military and social, that combined provide an understanding of the issues and circumstances that influenced the people of Delaware and their leaders during this traumatic period. The objective of this publication is to provide an understanding of Delaware's role during those stressful years in our country's history. The citizens of Delaware were not found wanting when Northern and, to a certain extent, Southern leadership called upon them for political support and military service. From a societal point of view, specifically regarding racial equality, however, it is important to recognize the slow progress that Delawareans made over the next century following the Civil War."


Michael Morgan & Civil War Delaware

Michael Morgan has been writing freelance newspaper articles on history of coastal Delaware for over three decades. He is the author of the "Delaware Diary," which appears weekly in the Delaware Coast Press, and the Sussex Journal, which is a weekly feature of the Wave. Morgan has also published articles in the Civil war Times, America's Civil War, the Baltimore Sun, Maryland Magazine, Chesapeake Bay Magazine, World War II Magazine and other national publications. Morgan's look at history is marked by a lively storytelling style that has made his writing and lectures popular.

Civil War Delaware --
"In the years preceding the Civil War, Delaware was essentially divided -- as a slave state, it had many ties to the South, but as the first state to ratify the federal Constitution, it was fiercely loyal to the Union. With the outbreak of war, the First State rallied to Lincoln's call and sent proportionally more troops to fight for the Union than any free state. Yet even as the renowned Du Pont mills provided half of the Union gunpowder, Southern sympathizers transported war material to the Confederacy via the Nanticoke River. Author Michael Morgan deftly navigates this complex history. From Wilmington abolitionist Thomas Garrett, who  helped 2,700 fugitive slaves flee north, to the prison camp at Fort Delaware that held thousands of captured Confederates and political prisoners, Morgan reveals the remarkable stories of the heroes and scoundrels of Civil War Delaware.

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