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Anna Gill

  • Bethany Beach Books 99 Garfield Pkwy Bethany Beach, DE, 19930 United States (map)

Meet Anna Gill, author of "The Tale of Dickie Short" and "The Island Woman."

The Island Woman
In her early thirties, the stunning blonde, Willa Carpenter, seemed to have it all. Her romance novels always made the best seller list and her life in urban D.C. was filled with friends and good times at the illustrious Willard Hotel. But deep inside Willa there was a light that had gone out when both her famous parents were killed in a senseless car accident. She was eighteen and alone, except for the care of a watchful and loving aunt. The joy in her life seemed over except for her desire to become successful; the wish of her novelist mother and insanely funny father who wrote a beloved weekly comic strip.

While her days of youth and daydreams of summers in Maine were gone, Willa succeeded in everything she set out to do, except for one important thing: the love of a man to share it with. After one intense relationship that ended badly, Willa decided to concentrate on her writing. With success after success Willa's name became a household word for women loving the intrigue, betrayal and happy endings that a good romance novel delivers. Then something inside of her snapped and she couldn't write a word. Nothing came. Desperate to overcome this state of mind and heart, Willa had to get it back before her publisher, the indomitable Kit Winthrop came down on her with a vengeance. Trying to find the right words and story to go with it, Willa happened to see a short article in the paper that might lead to something. She could never imagine that meeting a young college graduate and following that article would lead her to a woman who would change her life forever. A woman who lived on an island that was magical. Willa was about to go on an adventure that would bring her all the things that had long been taken from her and find the love she had been looking for in the peace and serenity that could only be found on a small piece of land that defied time in the enchanted Chesapeake.

About Anna
From Anna's website:
"Born and raised in northern New Jersey of Irish and French decent, an interesting combination to be sure. I always tell people, I may have left the big city, but it never left me. I still put the Jersey “w” in all my words and know what a jug handle and going down the shore truly mean. It is that going down the shore thing that has followed me throughout my life. While I now live in upstate New York, I spend my winters writing on the Eastern Shore of Maryland or what some people know as Chesapeake Country. I believe it to be where my soul touches heaven. I find peace, inspiration and the most fascinating characters down in that neck of the woods. The marsh is so special and you can't outdo the ocean in winter. It is, to me, simply divine."

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