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Meet Jim Malloy, author of The Look Cookers!

The Look Cookers!

Matthew is a normal boy in every way but one. He's a secret agent. But not just any kind of secret agent. He's an eye spy! His enemy: The Look Cookers. His mission: the first day of school.

In fact, Matthew is shy. He does not like eye contact. In his lively imagination he thinks that anyone who looks at him has special powers - they are the Look Cookers. And he has a name for each type of Look Cooker: Peek Seekers, Glance Dancers, Blink Drinkers, Stare Darers, Gawk Stalkers, Gape Scrapers and Sight Biters (the worst of the bunch)!

Join Matthew on his mission, experience the Look Cookers first hand and discover how he overcomes his fear of eye contact and succeeds in the end!

For ages 6-10.

About Jim

From Jim's website: "Jim Malloy began telling stories to his young children, James and Sara, to entertain them at bedtime. With every new nighttime opportunity, yarns like The Misadventures of Baseball Bear, The Continuing Saga of Blue Bob and Yellow Bob, and The Little Girl Named 'Pots and Pans' sprang from his active imagination.

Jim overcame shyness as a child and today enjoys a career that often requires public speaking - and eye contact. It is from those experiences, both as a child and an adult, that The Look Cookers! emerged."


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