Carol Kelley Psaros

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Meet Carol Kelley Psaros, author of Come Back to Bethany.


Come Back to Bethany

Come Back to Bethany connects the lives of three young girls living in Bethany Beach, Delaware during three different centuries. Beth-Ani, a ten year old Lenni Lenape Indian girl who lives in a bark hut near the Salt Pond in 1681, is struggling to overcome the recent death of her mother from a winter's disease. Carrie, a thirteen year old girl from Pittsburgh, PA is adjusting to life in a leg brace after a 1908 trolley car accident. Alexa, a ten year old from Wilmington, DE spends weeks in Bethany in 2004 at a cottage built by her great-grandparents whenever the house is not rented out to others.

The story tells how three very different young girls are touched by the constancy of life near the sea --- in horseshoe crabs, beach plum bushes, and seashells --- and by the majesty of the Atlantic Ocean itself. All three come to see the rainbow in the wave and vow to always come back to Bethany.

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